Amulet Technologies 4.3 in. Getting Started Kit 4.3 in. WQVGA, Resistive Touch Display, GEMstudio License

The Amulet Technologies fully integrated 4.3 in. WQVGA production color display module works with a variety of embedded control interface applications. Featuring the Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip for color displays, this module supports GIF, JPEG, and PNG graphic formats in 24-bit color as well as the 8-bit alpha blending in high-end consumer electronic products. It features a 480x272 TFT LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio, white LED backlight, an integrated resistive touch panel, and a 32-megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages. In addition, you can adjust the brightness level of the backlight. Because these displays are components, you create the mechanical mounting and enclosure design.

To program these displays, you must use Amulet Technologies GEMstudio software. GEMstudio is a complete software design environment for easy implementation of a GUI and touch-screen control for LCD displays. This software environment provides a drag-and-drop experience to help you develop your human machine interface application with custom images, animations, and navigation controls. Each developer requires a license for this software, which you can purchase with a display (PN 783305-01).

On the LabVIEW side, Amulet created a special palette for interacting with these displays. You use the LabVIEW API instead of the Front Panel for programming. Built on top of NI-VISA, you follow the same programming paradigm you expect from NI with Open, Read/Write, Close, and Check for Errors. This helps you read and/or update the widget variables stored on the display. In essence, this is how data transfer occurs between the display and the LabVIEW system.

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