Touch Screen Component Displays

  • 4.3 in. Amulet Technologies displays with LED backlight
  • WQVGA TFT LCD touch screen
  • Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip
  • Connectivity through mini USB or mass terminal port
  • -20 °C to 70 °C operating temperature range
  • CE compliance and open frame design

With touch screen component displays for your human machine interface (HMI), you can customize the enclosure and mounting structure to meet your specific application needs. With Amulet Technologies displays, you have more flexibility and control over how users interact with their systems. Powered by the Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip, these displays are designed for harsh industrial environments with an extended temperature range of -20 ºC to 70 ºC. You can easily combine these displays with other NI hardware such as CompactRIO, PXI, DAQ, and vision devices for advanced medical devices, industrial monitoring and control, smart grid intelligent electronic devices, and other applications that use programmable automation controllers or programmable logic controllers.

To create an HMI application for these displays, you use the Amulet Technologies GEMstudio development environment. A development license is required for GEMstudio and is included in the Amulet 4.3 in. Getting Started Kit. When your application meets your requirements, compile and deploy it to the display. Because the display runs the application headlessly, you need to include the data transfer between the display and the control system using the Amulet LabVIEW API, which you can find on the LabVIEW Tools Network.