Honeywell Model 31 Mid-Range Precision Miniature Load Cell

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  • Tested and verified for use with NI PXIe-4330, NI PXIe-4331, and NI 9237 devices
  • Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) enabled for easy use
  • 25 lb to 1,000 lb ranges available
  • ±0.15 percent to 0.25 percent accuracy
  • Stainless steel
National Instruments is partnering with Honeywell to offer a wide range of bridge-based load cells, pressure transducers, and torque sensors. NI has tested each of these sensors and verified them for use with the NI PXIe-4330, NI PXIe-4331, and NI 9237 devices. Each sensor includes an embedded Transducer Electronic Data Sheet smart sensor for ease of use. For RJ50 connectivity, NI recommends the NI 9949 device (196809-01) and offers RJ50 cables in lengths of 2 m (194612-02) and 10 m (194612-10).

The Honeywell Model 31 mid-range precision miniature load cells measure both tension and compression load forces of 1000 g to 1000 lb (25 lb to 1000 lb ranges available through NI). These models are Honeywell’s highest accuracy, rugged miniature load cells. The Model 31 welded, stainless steel construction is designed to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the effects of off-axis loads. (The internal construction ensures excellent long-term stability for ranges of 1000 g and above.) A modification permits this model to be completely welded for underwater applications. The Model 31 tension/compression load cell has male thread attachments. High accuracies of 0.15 percent to 0.25 percent full scale are achieved. Each bonded strain gage unit is built of welded 17-4 PH stainless steel for additional ruggedness.

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Honeywell 31 Miniature Load Cell


Honeywell 31 Miniature Load Cell and Accessories

Honeywell 31 Miniature Load Cell
Honeywell 31 Miniature Load Cell - 783211-01 Qty $ 1,040 each
Sensor Accessories
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RJ50 Cable for NI 9949 - 194612-02
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RJ50 Cable to Pigtail Wires - 195950-02
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