Honeywell Torque Sensors

  • Tested and verified for use with PXIe-4330, PXIe-4331, and NI-9237 modules
  • Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) enabled for ease of use
  • Variety of ranges, sizes, and accuracies
  • Rotary and reaction sensors

NI is partnering with Honeywell to offer a wide range of bridge-based load cells, pressure transducers, and torque sensors. NI has tested each of these sensors and verified them for use with the PXIe-4330, PXIe-4331, and NI-9237 modules. Each sensor is Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) enabled for ease of use.

With a tradition of quality and accuracy in torque measurement that stretches back over half a century, Honeywell has spent decades improving and customizing both rotary and reaction torque transducers. All Honeywell reaction torque sensors are machined from stainless steel, temperature hardened for low torsional deflection, and temperature compensated for long-term stability.