Honeywell Load Cells

  • Tested and verified for use with NI PXIe-4330, NI PXIe-4331, and NI 9237 devices
  • Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) enabled for easy use
  • Variety of ranges, sizes, and accuracies
  • Measures tension, compression, or tension and compression

National Instruments is partnering with Honeywell to offer a wide range of bridge-based load cells, pressure transducers, and torque sensors. NI has tested each of these sensors and verified them for use with the NI PXIe-4330, NI PXIe-4331, and NI 9237 devices. Each sensor is TEDS enabled for ease of use.

Honeywell load cells are designed for high accuracy, even under extreme testing conditions that may affect measurements. The load cells include miniature and subminiature tension/compression and compression-style models that are unmatched in harsh environments with tight clearances or confined spaces.