NI CVS-1457RT Real-Time Compact Vision System for GigE Vision Cameras

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  • Fanless vision system with rugged, industrial design
  • Reliable real-time operating system
  • Dual GigE Vision ports with Power over Ethernet
  • FPGA-based isolated and TTL digital I/O
  • USB, serial, Ethernet, and VGA ports
The NI CVS-1457RT is a compact and rugged machine vision system that withstands the harsh environments common in vision-guided robotics, industrial inspection, and OEM vision applications.

The NI Compact Vision System uses GigE Vision with Power over Ethernet technology to connect with off-the-shelf cameras, giving you options with a wide range of functionality, performance, and price. In addition, you can connect two cameras (or more using switches) to one compact vision system for multicamera inspections to significantly lower the price of your deployed system.

The NI CVS-1457RT offers unprecedented FPGA-based I/O capabilities and network connectivity for distributed machine vision applications. The advanced features include the ability to synchronize your inspection results with industrial I/O and configure hardware-timed network triggers to trigger camera acquisition. Use the advanced FPGA personality that is shipped with the system or customize the FPGA functionality using LabVIEW FPGA.

To program the NI Compact Vision System, you have the choice of configuring your machine vision application quickly with NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI) or programming your application with the NI LabVIEW Real-Time Vision Development Bundle. Vision Builder AI is an easy-to-use stand-alone programming environment for creating full visual inspection applications. If you prefer a more customized solution, you can program the NI Compact Vision System with LabVIEW software and the LabVIEW Real-Time Vision Development Bundle, which includes the three modules you need for programming LabVIEW vision applications on real-time targets (LabVIEW Real-Time Module, LabVIEW Application Builder, NI Vision Development Module).

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Each NI CVS-1457RT requires:

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1 Power Supply


1 I/O Accessory




NI CVS-1457RT and Accessories

NI CVS-1457RT - 782995-01 Qty $ 2,999 each
Required Accessories
I/O Accessory -
CVS I/O Accessory and 44-Pin HDSUB Male to 44-Pin HDSUB Female (3m) - 783327-01
Select length:
Qty $ 304 each
Power Supply -
NI PS-15 Power Supply - 781093-01
Qty $ 221 each
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Optional Accessories
PoE Power Supplies
48 V, DIN Rail, Industrial Power Supply for Power over Ethernet - 783307-01
Qty $ 165 each
48 V, Desktop Power Supply for Power over Ethernet - 783308-01
Qty $ 124 each
International Power Cord Bundle for 48 V Desktop Power Supply - 783490-01
Qty $ 35 each
Port 0 Camera
Basler acA645-100gm - 782649-01
Qty $ 779 each
Port 0 Lens
Computar M0814-MP - 780024-01
Qty $ 227 each
Port 1 Camera
Basler acA645-100gm - 782649-01
Qty $ 779 each
Port 1 Lens
Computar M0814-MP - 780024-01
Qty $ 227 each
Mounting Accessory
NI 9913 DIN Rail Kit - 781740-01
Qty $ 31 each
Tripod Adapter Plate, Basler ace series - 782055-01
Qty $ 64 each
Ethernet Cable, Twisted-pair (1m) - 182219-01
Select length:
Qty $ 17 each
Qty $ 26 each
Qty $ 26 each
Qty $ 31 each
Qty $ 36 each
Development System
Qty $ 4,999 each
Qty $ 2,999 each
Related Software Add-Ons
Qty $ 3,736 each
Application Software
Qty $ 2,019 each

Subtotal: $ 3,524

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