NI Test Integration Adapter for IBM Rational Quality Manager

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  • Link test scenarios to the quality management plan in IBM RQM
  • Initiate test scripts from the quality plan workflow in IBM RQM
  • Store and link results to requirements/defects in IBM Rational Tools
The NI Test Integration Adapter for IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) is installed on a Windows-based test machine and integrated into the IBM RQM network installation to provide a connection between TestStand and IBM RQM. The product provides three main functions to implement this connectivity:

1. Test Case Traceability: TestStand applications (and by extension all of the code modules called) and parameter files on the test machine are linked to an IBM RQM test case that provides traceability to other project aspects including requirements, overall quality plan, project plan, change/defect management system, and so on.

2. Automation: The TestStand applications linked to the IBM RQM test case can be invoked from an IBM RQM web-based interface (thin client) either locally (from the test machine) or over the network. The execution status reported by the TestStand sequence is displayed in the IBM RQM web interface, which also reports the results of the test execution upon completion (pass, fail, error, abort, and so on).

3. Test Case Results Management: Upon completion of the TestStand sequence, various outputs from the sequence are automatically published to IBM Jazz storage and an HTML report is linked to the IBM RQM test case execution result page (in the IBM RQM web interface). The HTML report is created by this software product on the local machine, and the details of the report content as well as what is stored in IBM Jazz is configured by the user.

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