myGLCD by Emona Instruments Graphical LCD for Display of Text, Graphics, and Animation

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  • Real-time local display of text, graphics, and animation for NI myDAQ
  • Teach graphical LCD programming for display of text, graphics, and animation with NI LabVIEW
  • Image refresh rate of 14 fps, monochrome, 128x64 pixels, and 66.8 mm x 35.5 mm viewing area
  • Daisy-chainable with your other NI miniSystems; uses only 1 analog output; access to all other I/O
  • Manufactured by Emona Instruments
The myGLCD by Emona Instruments is a graphical LCD panel for NI myDAQ. It uses one analog output channel to display the information on the LCD panel. All remaining I/O is free to use for other applications. You can use the myGLCD to enhance your NI myDAQ applications with a local graphical display panel. Because all graphics are controlled via your LabVIEW program, you can program the panel to display real-time moving pictures as well as text and custom graphics dynamically.

Examples include text display, graphics display, video display, and a combination of text and graphics application.

Manufactured by Emona Instruments.

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