DB for LabVIEW - STUDIO BODs Database Driver VI Generation With Automatic Data Types

  • Save time when interfacing LabVIEW code with databases
  • Generate a unique polymorphic VI that connects to every table of your database
  • The polymorphic VI adapts its terminal types to the column data types of the table you've chosen
  • One unique VI can execute "select," "insert," "update," and "delete" queries on every table
  • Update your database structure, regenerate the driver, and your LabVIEW code updates automatically
  • Autohandle column data types for your entire database
  • Download
STUDIO BODs DB for LabVIEW is a stand-alone program that you can use to automatically generate a polymorphic driver VI for a database. This driver VI connects to your entire database to give you direct access to “select,” “insert,” “update,” and “deleted” queries. In addition, it detects which data type is used for each column in your table and outputs the appropriate cluster. This can vastly reduce development time and simplify code to avoid the use of variants or other conversions.

Software Requirements
-NI LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit

Support Information
This product is sold directly by the third-party provider and not by National Instruments. Please contact STUDIO BODs for purchasing information.
Phone: (418) 780-4443
Email: contact@studiobods.com
Web: studiobods.com/en/produits.html

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