NI Starter Accessory Kit Common Sensors and Components for NI Student Projects

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  • Includes sensors and components needed for basic projects
  • Devices covered in the online version of the myRIO Project Essentials Guide
  • Includes components used in myDAQ Projects for Engineering Students
  • Power connector with leads for connection to stand-alone power supplies
  • myRIO and myDAQ sold separately
The NI Starter Accessory Kit includes everything you need to get started connecting to and programming the I/O of myRIO, myDAQ, or other NI projects.

NI Starter Accessory Kit Contents
Barrel connector with leads
Assorted capacitors
7-segment display
Mechanical rotary encoder
Photo interruptor (light sensor with LED)
Assorted op-amps
Assorted LEDs
Small DC motor (1 VDC to 3 VDC, no load speed: 6600 rpm)
Microphone with audio jack
MXP Breadboard Accessory
Potentiometer (500 kΩ)
Assorted resistors
Piezoelectric sensor
2 Hall effect sensors (latch and switch)
Assorted switches (DIP, slide, and rotary)
Thermistor (NTC: 10 kΩ, 25 degrees)
Assorted transistors
Force sensing resistor
Wire kit

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NI Starter Kit
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