NI myRIO Accessories

Physics The myRIO student embedded device is built for education. Students can explore topics from introductory controls to building complex systems with the provided embedded target, I/O, connectivity, and ecosystem.

Place the power of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 real-time processor and Xilinx FPGA customizable I/O in the hands of students with myRIO. Students can “do real engineering” in one semester with an affordable tool that delivers onboard devices, a seamless software experience, and a library of courseware and tutorials.

myRIO plays a central role in teaching topics that include:

- Mechatronics sensors and actuators

- Classical controls

- Robotics

- Vision

- Student capstone

With myRIO, equip every student with a powerful, integrated hardware and software tool. Using the same architecture that is applied in industry, students can quickly create applications on myRIO’s real-time processor, taking advantage of the default FPGA personality that they can customize as projects become more advanced.

Explore the accessories to your left to expand myRIO into your mechatronics, controls, robotics, or capstone course.