EMI Noise-Suppression Ferrites

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  • Used with specific C Series modules to ensure specified EMC performance
Some C Series modules require the use of noise-suppression ferrites to ensure specified EMC performance. You must install the clamp-on ferrite beads in accordance with the product installation instructions. Refer to the appropriate module’s operating instructions and specifications for more information.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
781233-01EMI Suppression Ferrite, 7.0mm5 - 10$ 10.00
781233-02EMI Suppression Ferrite, 10.2mm5 - 10$ 17.00
777297-01EMI Suppression Ferrite, 13.4mm5 - 10$ 23.00
782801-01EMI Suppression Ferrite for NI 9229/39 BNC (qty 1)5 - 10$ 9.00
782802-01EMI Suppression Ferrite for NI 9230/9232 (qty 1)5 - 10$ 4.00
782803-01EMI Suppression Ferrite for NI 9401 (qty 1)5 - 10$ 4.00

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