iDaq - T4SM Data Logger, Fully Programmable With LabVIEW

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  • Automatically recognize and configure your acquisition devices
  • Allows creation of virtual channels, calculated from real-time signals
  • Data is saved in common spreadsheet formats like CSV, TDMS
  • Includes programmable triggers to start/stop recording sessions
  • Simultaneously connect multiple users to the same device
  • Use LabVIEW to customize iDaq for your own applications
  • Download
iDaq by Tools for Smart Minds (T4SM) is a solution for quickly and easily acquiring and displaying real-time signals, images, and GPS data without configuring hardware details. iDaq simplifies the management of connected transducers, shares real-time signals among multiple users, and acquires data from heterogeneous devices at the same time. iDaq logs data in TDMS, CSV formats compatible with MS Excel, and any third-party software. It supports accelerometer, bridge, IEPE, encoder, RTD, resistance, strain gage, thermocouple, voltage, and current sensors and digital lines.

iDaq manages over 400 NI products (NI-DAQmx devices, XNET-CAN, CompactRIO/Single-Board RIO, frame grabbers), 1000+ cameras, and smartphones.

Visit for information on more add-ons for iDaq software, including:

Easy Data Logger for iDaq (EDL)
-Create custom synoptic panels, customize signal visualization style, and create interfaces for your log sessions

Compact Driver for iDaq
-Acquire data sensors connected to CompactRIO

XNET-CAN Driver for iDaq
-Acquire from XNET-CAN modules into iDaq to simplify ECU and CAN bus-based component monitoring in automotive applications

Oscilloscope for iDaq
-Visualize and log signals from NI boards

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
iDaq Software
782986-35iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 3,280.00
Recommended Hardware and Software
781438-01USB-6341, X Series DAQ (16 AI, 24 DIO, 2 AO)1 - 3$ 1,430.00
782325-01NI cDAQ-9139 NI CompactDAQ, Core i7 1.33 GHz, 8-slot, WindowsCall$ 7,753.00
779001-01NI 9211 4-Ch ±80 mV, 14 S/s, 24-Bit TC and Diff AI5 - 10$ 443.00
779351-01NI 9401 8-Channel, 100 ns, TTL Digital Input/Output Module1 - 2$ 341.00
779006-01NI 9481 4-Ch 30 V, 60 V, 250 VAC EM Form A SPST Relay5 - 10$ 384.00
783716-35cRIO Driver for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 1,460.00
783717-35XNET-CAN Driver for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 1,120.00
783718-35Easy Datalogger (EDL) for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 2,250.00
784304-35Oscilloscope for iDaq - T4SM5 - 10$ 565.00

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