NI CompactDAQ Configurable Data-Logging System With Chameleon Software for Structural Test and Monitoring

  • Quickly configure system to acquire and log structural measurements
  • Use an NI CompactDAQ controller for stand-alone logging or remotely controlled USB/Ethernet chassis
  • Mix and match microphones, accelerometers, and temperature and bridge-based sensors
  • View live or prerecorded data with single trace or multiple trace graphs
  • Store data in open TDMS file format for use in LabVIEW, DIAdem, or Excel
  • Integrate with LabVIEW for measurement automation
  • Configure Complete NI CompactDAQ System
  • Download
This NI CompactDAQ configurable data-logging system includes an NI CompactDAQ controller or chassis, C Series I/O modules, and Chameleon software. It is designed for structural test and monitoring applications with the NI CompactDAQ controller, which includes built-in processing and nonvolatile storage for running Chameleon software and logging data locally. Alternatively, you can choose a USB or Ethernet chassis for a lower cost system that requires an external PC. This system accepts a variety of C Series I/O modules, so you can mix and match microphones, accelerometers, and temperature and bridge-based sensors.

Chameleon software is an intuitive configuration-based DAQ tool, powered by LabVIEW system design software, for sensor measurements with the NI CompactDAQ platform. The software has a simple and straightforward user interface so you can easily build a system to acquire static and dynamic signals without any programming. With Chameleon, you can view live data in action, review logged data, and export data for analysis in LabVIEW, DIAdem, or Excel. Additional features include calculated channels, user-defined alarms, and triggered acquisition from analog or digital signals. With Chameleon, you can configure single-chassis systems or combine and synchronize multiple chassis for high-channel-count applications. You can even integrate with LabVIEW to automate data logging while taking advantage of custom user interfaces.

Chameleon has a proven track record with Northrop Grumman Company and Raytheon BBM Technologies for applications such as vibration monitoring, impact testing, and jet engine testing.

For technical support, contact NI at or (866) 275-6964.

For information about Chameleon software for PXI, contact PVI Systems at or (860) 739-8044.

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Price: $ 9,203

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