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NI OSC Library for LabVIEW - National Instruments Implements the Open Sound Control Data Format

  • Fully supports the OSC 1.0 specification
  • Supports packet parsing and construction
  • Supports address pattern matching and address space dispatching
  • Compatible with any LabVIEW communication method
  • Download
Open Sound Control (OSC) is a messaging protocol originally designed for use in the music industry specifically for communicating gestures, parameters, and note sequences between platforms. It is characterized by its accuracy, flexibility, and interoperability.

The NI OSC Library for LabVIEW includes VIs that provide full support for creating and parsing OSC bundles and messages, address wildcard matching, and address space dispatching.

The following argument types are supported:
Int32(i), Float32(f), Double(d), Blob(b), String(s), Boolean(T and F), Null(N), Impulse/Infinitum(I), Timetag(T)

Support Information
Visit the OSC community page:

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