RJ50 Cables For NI 9944, NI 9945, and NI 9949

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  • RJ50 to RJ50 cable
  • For use with the NI 9237
National Instruments offers a variety of accessory options for the NI 9237 C Series high-speed strain and bridge measurement module. This module uses a high-density 10-pin RJ50 connector for each channel. The RJ50 connector is similar to the RJ45 connectors found on network cables except that it uses one more pair of signal wires for a total of 10. Using a network cable with the NI 9237 is not recommended because it could damage the extra pins on the module connector.

The RJ50 is a standard connector and cable type, which means you can purchase RJ50 connectors from other vendors or even crimp and assemble your own custom-length cables with the proper tools. In addition, National Instruments offers cables that are RJ50 male connectors on one end and split signal wires (also known as pigtails) on the other end. NI offers 2 m cables (quantity 4) and 10 m cables (quantity 1), which you can use for custom wiring to a bridge-based sensor.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
194612-02RJ50 Cable, 10-Pin Modular Plug to 10-Pin Modular Plug, 2M (Qty 4) 5 - 10$ 36.00
194612-10RJ50 Cable, 10-Pin Modular Plug to 10-Pin Modular Plug, 10M (Qty 1)5 - 10$ 24.00

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