NI PCIe-8236 GigE Vision Power over Ethernet Frame Grabber

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  • Two independent GigE Vision Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports
  • Optimized driver for extremely low CPU load
  • x4 PCI Express interface
  • NI Vision Acquisition Software included
The NI PCIe-8236 two-port GigE Vision frame grabber features Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. It provides high-speed or high-resolution bandwidth for machine vision applications through the combination of two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports and NI’s high-performance GigE Vision driver, which is optimized for machine vision needs on both PC and real-time systems.

PoE reduces the need for additional external power supplies by powering cameras over the Ethernet bus, which simplifies system design and cabling complexity. The NI PCIe-8236 is fully compliant with the isolation specifications of the IEEE 802.3af standard and can interface with the latest low-cost PoE cameras on the market as well as non-PoE GigE Vision cameras with cable lengths up to 100 m.

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NI PCIE-8236




NI PCIE-8236 and Accessories

NI PCIE-8236 - 782524-01 Qty $ 529 each
Optional Accessories
Ethernet Cable, Twisted Pair, Cat5, 1m - 182219-01
Select length:
Qty $ 17 each
Port 0 Camera
Basler acA645-100gm - 782649-01
Qty $ 779 each
Port 0 Lens
Computar M0814-MP - 780024-01
Qty $ 218 each
Port 1 Camera
Basler acA645-100gm - 782649-01
Qty $ 779 each
Port 1 Lens
Computar M0814-MP - 780024-01
Qty $ 218 each
Hardware Subtotal: $ 529


Note : You should only purchase this device without software if you already own compatible application software. [View Full List]
NI LabVIEW Full Development System for Windows (English) , 1 year SSP - 776670-35 Qty $ 2,999 each
NI Vision Development Module - 777859-35 Qty $ 3,736 each
NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection - 778649-35 Qty $ 2,019 each
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