NI 9381 0 V to 5 V Multifunction I/O Module

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  • 20 kS/s aggregate sample rate (multiplexed between AI/AO)
  • 8 channels of 12-bit single-ended 0 V to 5 V analog output
  • 4 LVTTL lines with a 1 MHz update rate
  • For use with NI CompactRIO and RIO expansion chassis only
  • -40 °C to 70 °C operating range, 5 g vibration, 50 g shock
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The NI 9381 multifunction I/O module for NI CompactRIO was designed to be a single, cost-effective module for general-purpose system I/O. By combining common I/O circuitry into a single module, the NI 9381 helps system designers fit more functionality into a single system.

Analog I/O Timing
The analog circuitry on the NI 9381 is a multiplexed architecture that shares a single timing engine that can sample up to 20 kS/s. This means the sample rate is a function of up to 20 kS/s divided by the number of both analog input and output channels used. The module features an overall update rate of 1,250 S/s when using all eight analog input and all eight analog output channels together.

Recommended Accessories
-NI 9923 front-mount D-SUB to screw terminal

Box Contents
-1 NI 9381 C Series module
-1 NI 9381 Operating Instructions and Specifications manual

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Specifications Documents

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Specifications Summary


NI 9381 Packages

To use the NI 9381 , you need all items in the diagram below. Select Option 1 if you already own a CompactRIO System, or Option 2 if you do not already own a chassis, controller, or software.

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CompactRIO System

1 Terminal Block

NI 9381



NI 9381 and Accessories Only
NI 9381
37-Pin D-SUB - 782580-01 Qty $ 413 each
Required Accessories
Qty $ 135 each
Optional Accessories

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