NI PXIe-5632 8.5 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

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The NI PXIe-5632 is a 2-port vector network analyzer with full s-parameters and a frequency range from 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz. This newest addition to the NI vector network analyzer product line features a flexible dual source architecture with frequency offset capability for measuring frequency translation devices and hot s-parameters. With the source access loops and low latency trigger, you can achieve pulsed s-parameter measurements and measurements requiring extended power range. The NI PXIe-5632 enables settable IF bandwidths from 10 Hz to 500 kHz and up to 20,001 points so you can balance measurement speed and accuracy.

The small 3-slot PXI Express form factor allows for seamless integration into test systems incorporating various RF and mixed-signal I/O instruments without increasing the test equipment footprint. With the flexible APIs for both NI LabVIEW and NI LabWindows™/CVI software, you can quickly perform automated tests or use the full-featured soft front panel to perform user calibration and make measurements right out of the box.

The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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Specifications Summary

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI PXIe-5632
782299-01NI PXIE-5632 VNA, 300 kHz - 8.5 GHz, 2-port, Dual Sources10 - 15$ 30,920.00
782299-02NI PXIE-5632 VNA, 300 KHz 8.5 GHz, 2-Port, w/Time Domain Analysis5 - 10$ 32,982.00
781800-01Time Domain Analysis License For NI Vector Network Analyzers5 - 10$ 3,154.00
781587-01Manual VNA Calibration Kit, K-Type12 - 20$ 4,588.00
782364-01Automatic VNA Calibration Kit, K-Type, Male-Female, 70 KHz-9 GHz12 - 20$ 8,856.00
781588-01Manual VNA Calibration Kit, N-TypeCall$ 4,268.00
781595-01Phase-Equal Precision Adapter Kit, K-TypeCall$ 2,503.00
781596-01Phase-Equal Precision Adapter Kit, N-TypeCall$ 2,398.00
781607-01Precision Coaxial Cable, 0.6 m, K-Type, Male-Male12 - 20$ 763.00
781608-01Precision Coaxial Cable, 0.6 m, K-Type, Male-Female12 - 20$ 763.00
781609-01Precision Coaxial Cable, 0.6 m, K-Type Male to N-Type Male12 - 20$ 763.00
781610-01Precision Coaxial Cable, 0.6 m, K-Type Male to N-Type Female12 - 20$ 763.00
781615-01Calibrated 5/16" Torque Wrench, 8 in-lbs (0.9 Nm)12 - 20$ 374.00

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