Thermal Kit for Single-Board RIO Controllers

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  • Heat spreader designed for Single-Board RIO controllers
  • Enables the reduction of local ambient temperatures
  • Dissipates heat from the hottest components
  • Simplifies connectivity to a thermal solution, reducing system design time
The thermal kit is a heat spreader solution specifically designed for Single-Board RIO controllers. The addition of the kit to a design can help improve the thermal performance of a system by conducting heat away from the hot components and spreading the heat load, which can reduce the local ambient temperatures and lower the component temperatures on the circuit board. This helps designers more easily reach desired ambient temperatures while remaining under the maximum local ambient temperatures and maximum component case temperatures.

The thermal kit includes the heat spreader, gap pads, and necessary standoffs and screws for mounting to Single-Board RIO controllers. You can then mount the back of the heat spreader to a metal enclosure or heat sink for further dissipation.

For ordering, use the part number that corresponds to your Single-Board RIO controller:
PN 153901-02: sbRIO-9607, sbRIO-9627, sbRIO-9637
PN 153901-01: sbRIO-9605, sbRIO-9606, sbRIO-9623, sbRIO-9626, sbRIO-9633, sbRIO-9636

View the white paper “Cooling NI Single-Board RIO Systems” under the Resources tab for further information on thermal testing, common system configurations, and reference design examples.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
153901-02Thermal Kit for sbRIO-9607/9627/96375 - 10$ 89.00
153901-01NI 9695 Thermal Kit for sbRIO-9605/9606/9623/9626/9633/96365 - 10$ 90.00

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