myGrid by Elenco (Pioneer Release) NI miniSystem for Teaching Energy Concepts With NI myDAQ

  • Pioneer release; see the Overview tab for details
  • Take advantage of AC power grid featuring a motor and a solar panel for three houses
  • Explore power generation and power consumption
  • Investigate components to develop your own smart grid
  • Manufactured by Elenco and orderable through Studica
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Inspired by customer applications and developed in collaboration with leading educational suppliers, NI miniSystems are small-scale replications of real-world systems that connect with NI educational hardware and software to create engineering and science systems.

The myGrid by Elenco is an AC power grid for NI myDAQ that equips students to investigate the components of a power grid. It interfaces with NI myDAQ to demonstrate power monitoring using a motor and a solar panel for three houses. The system includes a traditional power source through a motor representing fossil fuels and a renewable power source using a solar panel. It models how power is generated, transmitted, and distributed in a residential setting across three houses.

The companion courseware example switches houses with internal loads on and off to emulate the consumption of the AC power after transmission. Using a software front panel, you take measurements to monitor the supply and demand of the grid. You can manually adjust the power generation to satisfy the power demand or explore the concept of a smart grid to automate the process. If the load voltage falls below a low line value, the power station automatically increases the voltage being generated to satisfy the load conditions.

With the NI miniSystems Pioneer release, users in higher education (university/college) can purchase units to “ramp up” on integrating NI miniSystems into courses as soon as they are available. National Instruments actively collects feedback from NI miniSystems Pioneer release users to help suppliers and partners enhance the product before the next release. Pioneer release NI miniSystems are stable, but their features are not complete, so they most likely require custom programming to fully meet customer application needs. For this reason, National Instruments recommends that customers self-qualify to participate in the Pioneer release by obtaining basic NI LabVIEW training (LabVIEW Core 1 and 2 courses). Participants have access to the standard training discounts at

During the Pioneer release of an NI miniSystem, participants can obtain support by emailing or by posting to a private NI Discussion Forum. To get access to the forum, participants can contact National Instruments using the email address.

Manufactured by Elenco.

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