BNC Probe Adapter by Florida Research Instruments NI myDAQ Accessory for Connecting Scope Probes and BNC Cable

  • Industry-standard BNC connectors for quick connection to NI myDAQ analog inputs and outputs
  • Access to digital and other NI myDAQ signals via through-hole test points on adapter board
  • Manufactured by Florida Research Instruments, Inc., and orderable through Studica
Extend learning beyond the lab and lecture with NI myDAQ, an affordable, student-ready measurement and control device. NI partners provide add-ons and accessories for NI myDAQ to further expand hardware capabilities into application-specific use. You may purchase these accessories directly from these suppliers using the information at the bottom of this section or under the Resources tab.

With the BNC Probe Adapter, you can use standard scope probes and other BNC cables and accessories with NI myDAQ. This low-cost accessory and some standard scope probes help you probe and measure circuits with similar capabilities as benchtop instruments.

Manufactured by Florida Research Instruments, Inc.

Order through Studica

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