IX-myDAQ Sensor Adapter by iWorx NI myDAQ Accessory for Sensor Measurements in Engineering

  • Interface board from NI myDAQ I/O connector to wide range of iWorx sensors and transducers
  • Two mini-DIN connectors for reliable and quick sensor connect/disconnect
  • Additional BNC connectors simplify interface from NI myDAQ analog outputs to external instruments
  • Manufactured by iWorx Systems, Inc., and orderable through Studica
Extend learning beyond the lab and lecture with NI myDAQ, an affordable, student-ready measurement and control device. NI partners provide add-ons and accessories for NI myDAQ to further expand hardware capabilities into application-specific use. You may purchase these accessories directly from these suppliers using the information at the bottom of this section or under the Resources tab.

The IX-myDAQ is an adapter board by iWorx Systems, Inc., that helps you use the following iWorx sensors and transducers with NI myDAQ via mini-DIN connectors:
-PMD-100 Pulse Plethysmograph
-FTMD-325 Hand Dynamometer
-TMMD-100 Temperature Sensor
-TMMD-200 Skin Surface Temperature Sensor
-RMMD-200 and RMMD-200A Respiration Monitors
-EMMD-100 Event Marker

Manufactured by iWorx Systems, Inc.

Order through Studica

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