Protoboard Kit by Sparkfun NI myDAQ Accessory for Prototyping (3.29 in. x 2.15 in.)

  • Protoboard with NI myDAQ terminal block and female headers
  • I/O lines broken out through quad block breadboards to simplify wiring
  • Clear self-adhesive breadboard: prototyping space with GND, 5 V rails
  • 4 x silicone bumper feet
  • Manufactured and orderable through Sparkfun
Extend learning beyond the lab and lecture with NI myDAQ, an affordable, student-ready measurement and control device. NI partners provide add-ons and accessories for NI myDAQ to further expand hardware capabilities into application-specific use. You may purchase these accessories directly from these suppliers using the information under the Resources tab.

The Protoboard Kit by Sparkfun is designed to connect directly to NI myDAQ hardware. All NI myDAQ I/O lines are broken out to female headers to make breadboarding with jumper wires simpler. The board consists of a prototyping space with GND and 5 V rails as well as each I/O line from NI myDAQ broken out to standard 0.1 in. pitched headers. Also included is a breadboard with self-adhesive backing that can be mounted over the prototyping area for solderless prototyping. The kit features a protoboard with an NI myDAQ terminal block and female header (3.29 in. x 2.15 in. x 0.33 in. or 83.5 mm x 54.5 mm x 8.5mm), a clear self-adhesive breadboard, and 4 x silicone bumper feet.

Manufactured and orderable through Sparkfun

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