myTemp by Pitsco Education NI miniSystem for Teaching Temperature Measurement

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  • Multisensor temperature measurement and control system using NTC thermistors for NI myDAQ
  • Teach numerous temperature-related measurement and control applications
  • 3 minimum/7 maximum (selectable) thermistor inputs; includes 3 NTC thermistors
  • Access to additional NI myDAQ I/O: 2 AO, 2 DIO, 1 AUX AI (switch selectable)
  • Manufactured by Pitsco Education
  • Download
Inspired by customer applications and developed in collaboration with leading educational suppliers, NI miniSystems are small-scale replications of real-world systems that connect with NI educational hardware and software to create engineering and science systems.

The myTemp by Pitsco Education is a multisensor temperature measurement and control system for NI myDAQ. The system uses one analog input channel to read three thermistor inputs; the other analog input is switch-selectable between four additional thermistor inputs or an AUX input terminal. Additionally, the system provides access to two analog outputs, two digital I/O lines, and the 5 V supply from NI myDAQ. The myTemp is shipped with three NTC thermistors. This versatile system is used for teaching applications such as temperature process control, basic sensor measurements, and data acquisition and analysis. Students can directly explore the fundamental concepts of materials science and green engineering including heat transfer, conduction, convection, and radiation.

The companion courseware example illustrates heat transfer across the surfaces of different materials. Students measure the time it takes for different materials to react to both hot and cold temperature inputs. Another courseware example illustrates a relative humidity measurement using two thermistors. Students make correlations between humidity and external light sources in a closed environment.

Manufactured by Pitsco Education.

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