myVTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) by Pitsco Education NI miniSystem for Teaching Flight Control With NI myDAQ

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  • Pioneer release: see the Overview tab for details
  • One degree of freedom (DOF) plant can hover, take off, and land vertically
  • Teaches the concepts of flight dynamics, motion control, and PID control
  • Includes a PC fan to hover and a Hall effect sensor to measure the distance
  • Gives students the ability to control the flight of a 1 DOF helicopter plant
  • Manufactured by Pitsco Education
  • Download
Inspired by customer applications and developed in collaboration with leading educational suppliers, NI miniSystems are small-scale replications of real-world systems that connect with NI educational hardware and software to create engineering and science systems.

The myVTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) by Pitsco Education is a plant to teach flight control with NI myDAQ. The vertical take-off and landing system uses a variable PC fan to create the lift for the one DOF plant. The flight distance of the fan is measured using a Hall effect sensor. The system teaches the fundamentals of basic flight dynamics, motion control, and proportional integral derivative (PID) control. Students can directly explore these concepts to make the system hover, take off, and land vertically to understand the applications similar to a helicopter or harrier jet.

Manufactured by Pitsco Education.

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