NI PXIe-1085 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis - Up to 24 GB/s

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  • 16 hybrid slots, 1 PXI Express system timing slot
  • High performance - up to 8 GB/s per-slot dedicated bandwidth for all slots, 24 GB/s system bandwidth
  • Compatibility with PXI, PXI Express, CompactPCI, and CompactPCI Express modules
  • 925 W total power, no derating 0-55° C
  • For maximum performance, use with an NI PXIe-8880 embedded controller.
  • Configure Complete PXI System
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The NI PXIe-1085 18-slot chassis features a high-bandwidth, all-hybrid backplane to meet a wide range of high-performance test and measurement application needs. The hybrid connector type in every peripheral slot enables the most flexibility in terms of instrumentation module placement. It also incorporates all the features of the latest PXI specification including support for both PXI and PXI Express modules with a built-in 10 MHz reference clock, PXI trigger bus, and PXI star trigger for PXI modules and a built-in 100 MHz reference clock, SYNC100, and PXI differential star trigger for PXI Express modules.

PCI Express Gen 3 Technology
Featuring PCI Express Generation 3 technology, the NI PXIe-1085 is designed for high-throughput applications. It is capable of 8 GB/s of per-slot bandwidth and 24 GB/s of system bandwidth, enabled by PCIe x8 Gen 3 links to every slot.

Power To Support High Performance Instrumentation
The NI PXIe-1085 delivers 925W total power over the full temperature range (0-55 °C) without derating. With this design, the power supply can deliver 38.25W of power per slot, for every slot of a filled chassis.

System Manageability
The NI PXIe-1085 chassis monitors power supply health and voltages, air intake temperature, and fan health and speed. It also provides any failure feedback to the user via status LEDs on the front bezel of the chassis. Furthermore, you can monitor this chassis’ health information remotely with the Ethernet connection on the rear of the chassis via a web service portal.

The NI PXIe-1085 features hot-swappable cooling fans on the rear of the chassis. Additionally, the power supply is individually removable.

High-Performance Platform
For unlocking the full data throughput capabilities of the NI PXIe-1085 chassis, NI recommends the NI PXIe-8880 embedded controller with Intel Xeon processor.

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Specifications Documents

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Specifications Summary

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI PXIe-1085
783588-01NI PXIe-1085, 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis, 24 GB/s System BWCall$ 9,999.00
781813-01NI PXIe-1085, 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis, 12 GB/s System BW5 - 10$ 8,999.00
763830-01Power Cord, AC, U.S., 125VAC, 15A10 - 15$ 20.00
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778700-01PXI EMC Filler Panel Kit, Qty 610 - 15$ 185.00
782459-01Replacement Fan Assembly for NI PXIe-108512 - 20$ 192.00
199198-01NI PXI Slot Blocker, Set of 510 - 15$ 65.00
778644-01NI 14/18-Slot Chassis Front Rack Mount Kit5 - 10$ 199.00
778644-02NI 14/18-Slot Chassis Rear Rack Mount Kit10 - 15$ 199.00
778646-0118-Slot Chassis Filler Panel Kit (to cover 17 slots)12 - 20$ 180.00

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