NI 9467 GPS Timestamping and Synchronization

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  • Pulse per second (PPS) accuracy of ±100 ns, >99 percent typical
  • SMA female antenna connector type (antenna sold separately)
  • +5 VDC (up to 30 mA) for active GPS antenna
  • Returns stationary global position after self-survey (module does not work for mobile applications)
  • NI CompactRIO support only
  • NI recommends using the NI 9467 with the NI FPGA Timekeeper (see Resources tab).
  • Configure Complete CompactRIO System
Module Design and Features
The NI 9467 C Series GPS synchronization module provides accurate time synchronization to NI CompactRIO systems. System designers can use this module for the following:
-Accurate data timestamping
-System clock setting
-Gating data acquisition based on the arrival of the PPS
-Synchronization of global waveform acquisition data using the NI FPGA Timekeeper for CompactRIO

Test engineers can use this module for large-scale distributed applications such as the following:
-Bridge and large building structural health monitoring systems
-Electrical grid phasor measurement units (PMUs)
-Wind farm monitoring systems
-Power quality analysis systems

NI 9467 Shipping Kit Contents
-NI 9467 C Series GPS synchronization module
-User manual

About the NI FPGA Timekeeper
The NI FPGA Timekeeper is LabVIEW FPGA IP designed to integrate the CompactRIO onboard field-programmable gate array (FPGA) clock with external timing sources such as SNTP, IRIG-B, and GPS. When used with the NI 9467, the NI FPGA Timekeeper timestamps each tick of the 40/80 MHz clock with real-world time accurate to within ±100 ns. To learn more about the NI FPGA Timekeeper and download the code, visit and enter fpgatimekeeper or see the Resources tab.

Specifications Documents

Specifications Summary

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781632-01NI 9467, GPS Time Synchronization Module for C Series5 - 10$ 581.00
782573-01GPS Antenna, Magnetic Mount, 5M Cable with SMA5 - 10$ 52.00
782574-01GPS Antenna, Fixed Mount, 10M Cable with SMA12 - 20$ 261.00

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