RIO Mezzanine Cards

  • Extend the I/O and electrical components on NI Single-Board RIO
  • Digital I/O breakout for RIO Mezzanine Card connector
  • Provide industry-specific I/O and circuitry options

RIO Mezzanine Cards extend the capability of NI Single-Board RIO devices by offering a variety of custom electrical components and I/O interfaces. These cards mate to NI Single-Board RIO through the RIO Mezzanine Card (RMC) connector, which is a high-speed, high-bandwidth connector that provides direct access to the FPGA digital I/O lines as well as certain processor-specific functions.

RIO Mezzanine Cards from National Instruments offer easy access to the digital I/O lines from the RMC connector for fast prototyping and development. You also can take advantage of industry-specific RIO Mezzanine Cards.

The NI sbRIO-9605, sbRIO-9606, sbRIO-9623, and sbRIO-9626 devices feature the RMC connector.