NI Combustion Analysis System

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  • Simultaneous engine-synchronous and time-based DAQ
  • Multiple pressure metrics, heat release calculation techniques, engine noise, and knock analysis
  • Raw data logging, summary data reporting, and postprocessing
  • Empty chassis slots for customization
  • Concurrent simultaneous data monitoring up to 1 MS/s per channel and streaming to disk
  • Common pegging and cylinder data alignment options
The NI Combustion Analysis System (CAS) is a low-cost, portable combustion analyzer based on the NI CompactDAQ platform. NI CAS includes all the hardware, I/O, and software you need to read, analyze, and log data from pressure sensors in an internal combustion engine.

You can choose from three NI CAS form factors: USB, Ethernet, or stand-alone NI CompactDAQ chassis. The USB and Ethernet systems can be tethered to a laptop or PC to interface with the software and log data via a USB cable or over a network. The stand-alone system contains a high-performance processor and standard laptop peripherals, so you can install NI-CAS Software directly on the NI CompactDAQ hardware. The stand-alone NI CAS does not require a laptop.

The NI USB CAS Lite features two unused hardware slots for customization, and the USB, Ethernet, and stand-alone CASs each feature five unused slots. You can select from more than 50 NI C Series I/O modules to add to any of the available NI CompactDAQ chassis slots and meet a variety of application needs. The NI Full Stand-Alone CAS does not have slots for I/O customization.

The NI USB CAS Lite has one NI 9411 (encoder input) and one NI 9215 (four simultaneously sampled BNC analog inputs, 100 kS/s) module. The USB, Ethernet, and stand-alone CASs each have one NI 9411 (encoder input) and two NI 9222 (eight total simultaneously sampled analog inputs at 500 kS/s) modules. The NI Full Stand-Alone CAS has one NI 9411 (encoder input), four NI 9222 (16 total simultaneously sampled analog inputs at 500 kS/s), one NI 9205 (up to 32 additional AI channels), one NI 9213 (16 thermocouple channels), and one NI 9269 (four analog output channels) module.

The ready-to-use NI-CAS Software works with three timebases: high-speed engine synchronous (cylinder pressure and so on), angular windowed time domain (knock, ion, and so on), and medium-speed time domain (temperatures, other pressures, and so on).

The combination of ready-to-use software and portable, modular I/O makes NI CAS the perfect combustion analysis system for in-vehicle, lab, or test cell applications.
Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
860966-01USB Combustion Analysis System Lite12 - 20$ 9,019.00
860790-01USB Combustion Analysis System12 - 20$ 11,105.00
860791-01Ethernet Combustion Analysis System12 - 20$ 11,426.00
860794-01Stand-Alone Combustion Analysis System12 - 20$ 16,426.00
860795-01Full Stand-Alone Combustion Analysis System12 - 20$ 21,226.00

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