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Combustion Analysis System

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  • Simultaneous engine-synchronous and time-based DAQ
  • Multiple pressure metrics, heat release calculation techniques, engine noise, and knock analysis
  • Raw data logging, summary data reporting, and post-processing
  • Empty chassis slots for customization
  • Concurrent simultaneous data monitoring up to 1 MS/s per channel and streaming to disk
  • Common pegging and cylinder data alignment options
The Combustion Analysis System (CAS) is a low-cost, portable combustion analyzer based on the CompactDAQ platform. It includes all the hardware, I/O, and software you need to read, analyze, and log data from pressure sensors in an internal combustion engine.

The CAS is available in three form factors: USB, Ethernet, or stand-alone CompactDAQ chassis. You can tether the USB and Ethernet systems to a laptop or PC to interface with the software and log data via a USB cable or over a network. The stand-alone systems contain a high-performance processor and standard laptop peripherals, so you can install NI-CAS driver software directly on the CompactDAQ hardware. The stand-alone and full stand-alone CASs do not require a laptop.

The USB CAS Lite features two unused hardware slots for customization, and the USB, Ethernet, and stand-alone CAS each feature five unused slots. You can choose from more than 60 C Series I/O modules to add to any of the available CompactDAQ chassis slots to meet a variety of application needs. The full stand-alone CAS does not have additional slots for I/O customization.

The USB CAS Lite has one NI 9411 (encoder input) and one NI 9215 (four simultaneously sampled BNC analog inputs, 100 kS/s) module. The USB CAS, Ethernet CAS, and stand-alone CAS each have one NI 9411 (encoder input) and two NI 9222 (eight total simultaneously sampled analog inputs at 500 kS/s) modules. The full stand-alone CAS has one NI 9411 (encoder input), one NI 9205 (up to 32 additional AI channels), one NI 9213 (16 thermocouple channels), one NI 9269 (four analog output channels), and four NI 9222 (16 total simultaneously sampled analog inputs at 500 kS/s) modules.

The ready-to-use NI-CAS driver software works with three timebases: high-speed engine synchronous (cylinder pressure and so on), angular windowed time domain (knock, ion, and so on), and medium-speed time domain (temperatures, other pressures, and so on).

The five different bundles are summarized as follows:

USB Combustion Analysis System Lite
-cDAQ-9174, NI 9411, one NI 9215 module, CAS

USB Combustion Analysis System
-cDAQ-9178, NI 9411, two NI 9222 modules, CAS

Ethernet Combustion Analysis System
-cDAQ-9188, NI 9411, two NI 9222 modules, CAS

Stand-Alone Combustion Analysis System
-cDAQ-9139, NI 9411, two NI 9222 modules, CAS

Full Stand-Alone Combustion Analysis System
-cDAQ-9139, NI 9411, four NI 9222 modules, NI 9205, NI 9213, NI 9269, CAS

The combination of ready-to-use software and portable, modular I/O makes the CAS the perfect combustion analysis system for in-vehicle, lab, or test cell applications.
Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
860966-01USB Combustion Analysis System LiteCall$ 9,613.00
860790-01USB Combustion Analysis SystemCall$ 11,746.00
860791-01Ethernet Combustion Analysis SystemCall$ 12,097.00
860794-01Stand-Alone Combustion Analysis SystemCall$ 17,182.00
860795-01Full Stand-Alone Combustion Analysis SystemCall$ 22,382.00
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