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  • Acquire data with NI-DAQmx, NI-XNET and NI-CAN devices
  • Customized displays for viewing data as it is acquired
  • Script driver for communicating with RS232, GPIB, TCP/IP devices via VBS
  • Single-point processing
  • Ability to access data immediately within DIAdem to inspect, analyze, and report on data
In addition to the interactive panels for data management, NI DIAdem offers two data acquisition and control (DAC) modules to collect and visualize data from measurement and control tasks. The DIAdem DAC modules feature two extra panels: DAC and VISUAL. Use the DAC panel to set up your measurement and control tasks with a configuration-based environment and use the VISUAL panel to see measured or calculated data during the acquisition.

You can collect data accurately from any device that uses the NI-DAQmx, NI-XNET, or NI-CAN driver. This helps you create a configurable and adaptable solution for your evolving needs.

With the NI DIAdem DAC Kit, you can collect, scale, visualize, and save your data. The kit can run applications that are created using the DIAdem DAC Bundle.

DIAdem DAC Kit Feature Overview
-Graphical definition of a measurement task with function blocks and buses
-Data storage
-Generated signals and events
-Signal scaling
-Conditions for event control
-Compatible with OPC clients -Integrate external driver software such as ActiveX

To view a full list of features, refer to the DIAdem technical data sheet under the Resources tab.

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