NI cDAQ-9184 NI CompactDAQ 4-Slot Ethernet Chassis

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  • Choose from more than 50 hot-swappable I/O modules with integrated signal conditioning
  • Measure up to 128 channels of electrical, physical, mechanical, or acoustic signals
  • Stream continuous waveform measurements with patented NI Signal Streaming technology
  • Simplify setup with zero configuration networking and a built-in web-based configuration utility
  • Access 4 built-in 32-bit counter/timers through a digital module like the NI 9401 or NI 9402
  • Measure in minutes with NI-DAQmx software and automatic code generation using the DAQ Assistant
  • Configure Complete NI CompactDAQ System
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The NI cDAQ-9184 is a 4-slot NI CompactDAQ Ethernet chassis designed for remote or distributed sensor and electrical measurements. A single NI CompactDAQ chassis can measure up to 128 channels of electrical, physical, mechanical, or acoustic signals. By combining more than 50 sensor-specific NI C Series I/O modules with patented NI Signal Streaming technology, the NI CompactDAQ platform delivers high-speed data and ease of use in a flexible, mixed-measurement system.

Modules are available for a variety of sensor measurements including thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages, load and pressure transducers, torque cells, accelerometers, flow meters, and microphones. NI CompactDAQ systems combine sensor measurements with voltage, current, and digital signals to create custom, mixed-measurement systems with a single Ethernet interface back to a host PC or laptop.

The cDAQ-9184 has four 32-bit general-purpose counter/timers built in. You can access these counters through a parallel digital C Series module such as the NI 9401 or NI 9402 for applications that involve quadrature encoders, PWM, event counting, pulse train generation, and period or frequency measurement.

The cDAQ-9184 chassis is shipped with the following:
-AC/DC converter that plugs directly into the chassis
-NI-DAQmx driver DVD
-NI screwdriver (flat and Phillips head)
-NI cDAQ-9184 Quick Start poster

Power cord sold separately.

The NI-DAQmx driver is shipped with every chassis and includes the following:
-LabVIEW SignalExpress LE for simple data-logging applications
-Programming support for NI LabVIEW, ANSI C/C++, C#, and Visual Basic .NET
-DAQ Assistant code generation for LabVIEW, LabWindows™/CVI, and Measurement Studio
-Example programs for all supported languages
-NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) for system configuration and test

The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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Specifications Documents

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Specifications Summary

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI CompactDAQ Chassis and Power Cord (Required)
782069-01cDAQ-9184 CompactDAQ Chassis (4 slot Ethernet)1 - 3$ 1,000.00
763000-01Power Cord, AC, U.S., 120 VAC, 2.3 meters10 - 15$ 9.00
763068-01Power Cord, 240V, 10A, North American10 - 15$ 20.00
782436-03Moxa AWK-3121 IEEE 802.11g Industrial Wireless Access Point (JP)Call$ 799.00
782436-01Moxa AWK-3121 IEEE 802.11g Industrial Wireless Access Point5 - 10$ 799.00
782436-02Moxa AWK-3121 IEEE 802.11g Industrial Wireless Access Point (Int)5 - 10$ 799.00
151733-02Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, Thin Profile, 2M10 - 15$ 9.00
779473-01NI 9901 Desktop Mounting Kit5 - 10$ 53.00
779097-01NI 9904 Horizontal Panel Mounting Kit for 4-slot Chassis5 - 10$ 60.00
779102-01NI 9910 cRIO/cDAQ Sliding Rack Mount Kit (Requires DIN Rail Kit)5 - 10$ 120.00
779019-01NI 9912 DIN Rail Mount Kit for 4-slot cRIO/cDAQ Chassis.5 - 10$ 31.00
780702-012-Position Screw Terminal Kit for Power Supply Connection, Qty 45 - 10$ 9.00
196917-01NI 9977 C Series Filler Module for Empty Slot5 - 10$ 31.00
780315-01Rugged Carrying Case for Portable Instrumentation5 - 10$ 177.00
151733-05Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, Thin Profile, 5M10 - 15$ 16.00
151733-10Cable Assembly, CAT-5E Ethernet, Thin Profile, 10M5 - 10$ 22.00
781093-01NI PS-15 Power Supply, 24 VDC, 5 A, 100-120/200-240 VAC Input1 - 2$ 221.00
780309-01NI 3100 Industrial Controller,1.06GHz,1GB RAM and HDD w/ WinXPCall$ 2,080.00
780310-01NI 3110 Industrial Controller,1.66GHz, 1GB RAM and HDD w/ Win XPCall$ 3,433.00
781850-0115" Industrial TPC w/ WES7 and LabVIEW TPM Deployment License1 - 2$ 2,726.00
779454-01NI 9917 Industrial Enclosure, solid door, w/panel5 - 10$ 302.00
779455-01NI 9918 Industrial Enclosure, windowed door, w/panel5 - 10$ 429.00
782734-01Moxa 5-Port, Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch12 - 20$ 231.00
782735-01Moxa 5-Port, Industrial Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch12 - 20$ 504.00

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