NI RFSA Soft Front Panel Soft Front Panel for NI RF Analyzers

  • Built-in measurements such as TOI, CCDF, ACPR, OBW, channel power, transmit power, and spectral mask
  • Works with NI PXIe-5644R/5645R/5646R vector signal transceivers and NI PXI(e)-566x VSAs
  • Use markers for peak search, delta, and amplitude measurements
  • Perform calibration through soft front panel interface
  • Save and recall measurement setups
  • Launch multiple instances for multiple analyzers in a system
  • Download
The NI RFSA Soft Front Panel helps you quickly view and analyze RF signals using PXI hardware from National Instruments. The soft front panel features built-in measurements such as third-order intercept (TOI), complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF), adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), occupied bandwidth (OBW), channel power, and transmit power. With these one-button measurements, you can quickly measure, display, and store results, which makes NI PXI instruments ideal for characterization and validation environments. You can also use the NI RFSG Soft Front Panel for generating continuous waveform (CW) or modulated RF signals.