Thermocouple Connectors Accessories for Use With Thermocouple Sensors

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  • Convenient thermocouple connections that minimize error
  • Types J, K, T, and E minithermocouple plugs provided for a variety of temperature conditions
  • Accessories for field installations of cuttable temperature sensors
Thermocouple connectors offer a convenient and accurate way to connect these sensors without worrying about the thermocouple effect caused by connecting two dissimilar metals. They are available for multiple thermocouple types and are easily removed without the need for screw terminals.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
745688-E10E-Type Minithermocouple Plug (QTY 10)12 - 20$ 57.00
745688-J10J-Type Minithermocouple Plug (QTY 10)12 - 20$ 57.00
745688-K10K-Type Minithermocouple Plug (QTY 10)12 - 20$ 57.00
745688-T10T-Type Minithermocouple Plug (QTY 10)12 - 20$ 57.00
745688-32Spring Loaded Fitting12 - 20$ 45.00

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