NI Dynamometer Control and Data Acquisition System

  • Used for dynamometer control and monitoring
  • Ready-to-use hardware and software specifically for dynamometer applications
  • Control mode switching with bumpless transfer
  • Built-in signal conditioning for connecting to sensors and actuators
  • Application-specific test profiles for dynamometer testing
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The full-featured NI Dynamometer Control and Data Acquisition System from Wineman Technology is capable of controlling two drives with multiple feedback channels and bumpless control mode switching. It includes NI VeriStand real-time testing software and the Wineman Technology INERTIA add-on for NI VeriStand for mechanical test cell control and monitoring. The hardware I/O listed below is built into a ready-to-use rack in the system for rapid deployment.

-8 strain
-32 thermocouple
-14 general-purpose differential analog (±10 V or ±20 mA)
-32 digital (24 V logic)
-4 digital (TTL)
-2 encoder
-2 frequency

-4 analog (±10 V or ±20 mA)
-32 digital (24 V logic at 1.85 A maximum current)
-4 digital (TTL)

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