NI IEPE Measurement Microphones Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric Microphones

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  • Transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) smart sensors and integrated amplifiers for easy use
  • 100 kHz bandwidth for full characterization
  • BNC connectivity for easy connections
  • Compliance with Class 1 sound level meter standards
National Instruments is partnering with G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration to offer measurement-grade microphones. Acoustic measurement microphones must meet stringent standards not found in consumer or even professional audio products. You can use these microphones with all NI dynamic signal analyzers.

NI has selected microphones that are powered with IEPE excitation. These microphones provide the easiest-to-use and simplest cabling of any measurement microphones.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
Measurement Microphones
782121-06GRAS General Purpose Array Microphone with BNC Connector: 50mV/Pa10 - 15$ 609.00
782121-01GRAS General Purpose Array Microphone: 50 mV/Pa10 - 15$ 559.00
782121-02GRAS 1/2" Free-Field Response Microphone: 50mV/Pa12 - 20$ 1,858.00
782121-03GRAS 1/4" Free-Field Response Microphone: 4 mV/Pa12 - 20$ 2,037.00
782121-05GRAS 1/4" Pressure Response Microphone: 1.6mV/PaCall$ 2,037.00
Cables for Array and 1/4" Microphones
763405-01SMB110, SMB Female to BNC Male Coax Cable, 50 Ohm,1 m10 - 15$ 73.00
782329-01GRAS microdot cable for 1/4" microphones 3 meters12 - 20$ 64.00
782329-02GRAS microdot cable for 1/4" microphones 10 meters12 - 20$ 96.00
783854-01GRAS 1/2" Free-Field Response Metal Microphone Stand12 - 20$ 86.00
783854-02GRAS 1/4" Free-Field Response Metal Microphone StandCall$ 86.00
783854-03GRAS General Purpose Array Plastic Microphone Stand12 - 20$ 45.00

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