NI-9755 NOx 12 V Sensor Module Kit 1- or 2-Channel Interfaces for NOx Exhaust Gas Sensors

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  • 1- or 2-channel system
  • Dual data output - NOx concentration (ppm) and O2 concentration (%)
  • Sensor controller supply voltage of 12 V (24 V available)
  • Reverse battery protection on sensor controller module
  • LabVIEW FPGA and LabVIEW Real-Time VIs included for quick integration with CompactRIO application
  • Wide range of applications including gasoline, diesel, passenger car, and truck
The NOx 12 V Sensor Module Kits for CompactRIO and USB provide an interface for one or two NOx and O2 exhaust gas sensors.

The NOx 12 V Sensor Module Kit for CompactRIO includes the following:
-NI-9853 C Series CAN Interface Module
-Continental Smart NOx 12 V Sensor Module (1 or 2); part number 5WK96755 (GEN 2.8 only)
-NOx software driver with example

Additional accessories include:
-Connector kit for Smart NOx 12 V Sensor Module (1 or 2)
-Stainless steel sensor bung (1 or 2) specially designed for the Smart NOx 12 V Sensor Module

This product contains engineering samples of an automotive NOx sensor that does not carry a warranty from the manufacturer for research, development, or low-volume usage. NI does not extend any warranty on the NOx sensors. All other components provided within the module kits and sensor bundles are covered under NI standard warranty policy.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
Module Kit
782528-01NI 9755 NOx 12V Sensor Module Kit for cRIO 1-CHCall$ 2,994.00
782529-01NI 9755 NOx 12V Sensor Module Kit for cRIO 2-CHCall$ 3,689.00
Additional Sensor and Accessories
782594-01NI NOx 12V SensorCall$ 1,605.00
782642-01NI NOX Sensor BungCall$ 58.00
782643-01NI NOx CAN Module Interface CableCall$ 294.00
782644-01NI NOx Sensor Connector KitCall$ 34.00

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