NI SH37F-Tajimi 37-Pin Female Cable for Use with NI 9237 D-Sub Module

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  • Available in 1 and 10 m cable lengths
  • 37-pin D-Sub to four 7-pin Tajimi female connectors
  • 1/4-bridge completion not available with Tajimi connector
  • Built-in shunt calibration feature not available with Tajimi connector
The NI SH37F-Tajimi is a 37-pin female D-Sub cable for connecting sensors with seven-pin male Tajimi push-pull connectors to the NI 9237 D-Sub module.

Shunt calibration is not possible when using this cable due to available pins. Refer to the NI 9237 Operating Instructions and Specifications for more information about the NI 9237 with D-Sub module.
The SH37F-Tajimi cable has four push-pull connectors that are manufactured by Tajimi Electronics (part number PRC03-32A10-7F). National Instruments does not provide the mating connectors. Contact Tajimi Electronics for mating connector information.

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Tajimi Cables
199254-01SH37F-Tajimi Shielded Cable, 1M5 - 10$ 185.00
199254-10SH37F-Tajimi Shielded Cable, 10MCall$ 374.00

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