NI PCIe-1473R Camera Link Frame Grabber With FPGA Image Processing

Starting at $ 3,200 (view pricing options)
  • Places FPGA in image path for on-board pre-processing and control applications
  • Supports up to 10-tap, 80-bit image acquisition at 20 MHz to 85 MHz pixel clock frequency
  • 850 MB/s of available bandwidth over two Camera Link cables
  • Power over Camera Link (PoCL) support; can be used with PoCL cables to power cameras or without
  • Optional digital I/O expansion card for extra triggering and isolation
  • Requires LabVIEW FPGA Module software for image acquisition and processing
The PCIe-1473R supports 80-bit, 10-tap image acquisition from Camera Link 1.2 standard cameras up to 850MB/s, and features on-board FPGA image processing.

The PCI-Express form factor of the FPGA-based frame grabber offers a cost-effective deployment alternative to complement the NI 1483 camera link adapter module and FlexRIO prototyping platform.
FPGA image processing is ideal for high-throughput systems in medical imaging, food sorting, semiconductor wafer alignment, flat panel display inspection, and more.
Placed directly in the image path, FPGAs can acquire and process images in closed-loop control without CPU intervention. This technology is also suitable for high-throughput system architecture to preprocess image data on the FPGA and then send to the CPU for further processing and decision-making.

The frame grabber also supports Power over Camera Link (PoCL) and can be used to power cameras through PoCL-enabled cables. You can access additional digital I/O lines using optional PCI and PCI Express I/O extension boards, which expose the following digital lines: eight TTL, three optically isolated input, three optically isolated output, and one quadrature encoder.
As the highest-bandwidth accepted imaging standard, Camera Link works well for high-resolution cameras and line-scan cameras.

NI LabVIEW software and the LabVIEW FPGA Module are required to program the NI PCIe-1473R.
The base model includes the Xilinx Virtex-5 LX-50 FPGA, and custom engineering options are available for large quantity orders to substitute larger or smaller FPGAs (LX30, LX85, LX110). Contact NI for more information.

Specifications Documents

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Specifications Summary

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
781585-01NI PCIe-1473R, Virtex-5 LX50, Camera Link Frame Grabber12 - 20$ 3,200.00
782849-01NI PCIe-1473R, Virtex-5 LX110, Camera Link Frame Grabber12 - 20$ 4,799.00
780869-01Camera Link I/O Extension Board (PCIe)12 - 20$ 351.00
779352-01Camera Link I/O Extension Board (PCI)12 - 20$ 364.00
778790-01NI 1450, I/O Terminal Block, Horizontal Mount and Cable12 - 20$ 263.00
199744-05Cable, Power over Camera Link (PoCL), MDR to MDR, 5M12 - 20$ 154.00
199745-05Cable, Power over Camera Link (PoCL), MDR to SDR, 5M10 - 15$ 154.00
199744-02Cable,Power over Camera Link(PoCL),MDR to MDR,2M12 - 20$ 143.00
782142-01Basler ace camera, acA2000-340km, 2048 x 1088, 340 fps,Monochrome12 - 20$ 1,599.00
782143-01Basler ace camera, acA2000-340kc, 2048 x 1088, 340 fps, Color12 - 20$ 1,629.00
782144-01Basler ace camera, acA2040-180km, 2048 x 2048, 180 fps,Monochrome12 - 20$ 2,339.00
782145-01Basler ace camera, acA2040-180kc, 2048 x 2048, 180 fps, Color12 - 20$ 2,369.00
782290-01Power Supply 12V/2A, Basler ace Camera Link12 - 20$ 179.00
782055-01Tripod Adapter Plate, Basler ace Series10 - 15$ 64.00
782023-01Computar M1620-MPV, Ultra Low Distortion,16mm, F2.0,2/3 inch,3MP12 - 20$ 441.00

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