NI 1778 Smart Camera High-Performance, 2448x2050 (5 MP), 15 fps, Monochrome

  • High-performance 1.6 GHz processor and real-time operating system
  • Waterproof and dustproof design with IP67 rating, M12 connectors, and lens cover
  • Includes NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection software
  • Integrated Direct Drive lighting control
  • VGA output for viewing inspection images
  • This product is no longer recommended for new designs.
This product is no longer recommended for new designs.

The NI 1778 Smart Camera features a monochrome Sony CCD image sensor with 2448x2050 (5 MP) resolution at 15 fps. It is one of the high-performance NI Smart Cameras that use a powerful Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor for automated inspection applications. The rugged mechanical design, including IP67 housing, M12 connectors, and lens cover, protects the cameras against the harmful ingress of water (up to 1 m immersion) and dust.

These high-performance NI Smart Cameras also include digital I/O lines (4 input, 4 output), an RS232 serial connection, and a Gigabit Ethernet connection to dynamically control lighting, synchronize with conveyor belts, and drive sorting mechanisms. The connectivity options support communications protocols such as Modbus, EtherNet I/P, and TCP I/P to interface with other industrial devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs), and human machine interfaces (HMIs). In addition, the NI 177x Smart Cameras feature a VGA video out connection to monitor inspection images.

With the National Instruments machine vision software approach, you can configure your inspection with the easy-to-use, stand-alone NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection software (included with NI Smart Cameras) or program it for more advanced customization using the NI Vision Development Module. Both options feature hundreds of built-in machine vision and image processing functions you can use to enhance images, check for presence, locate features, identify objects, and measure parts. The deterministic real-time operating system offers increased reliability for inspection systems that require long-term, continuous operation.

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NI 1778 Smart Camera

Bundle Contents

Price: $ 8,244

NI Smart Camera - Includes NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection Software

Software and Services

LabVIEW Real-Time Vision Development Bundle, Include 1 Year SSP 779324-35 Add $ 5,265

All additional LabVIEW Modules needed for developing real-time visual inspections: Vision Development Module, LabVIEW Real-Time Module, LabVIEW Application Builder.

NI Vision Development Module, Include 1 Year SSP 777859-35 Add $ 3,736

The NI Vision Development Module provides you with hundreds of image processing functions to develop your own vision applications using the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

Cables, Power Supply, and I/O Accessories

Starter Kit for NI 177x Smart Cameras 782043-01 Add $ 406

Includes Power & I/O Accessory, Power Supply, M12 to DSUB cable for Power & I/O Accessory, M12 to RJ45 cable, and M12 to VGA/USB cable.

IP67 M12 Connector Cap and Plug 782021-01 Add Call

M12 Ethernet Connectors

M12 to RJ45 cable (5m) 153130-05 Add Call

Connect to Gigabit Ethernet enterprise connectivity, TCP/IP, Modbus, and Ethernet/IP

M12 Power and I/O Connector

Power & I/O Accessory for NI 177x Smart Cameras 781993-01 Add $ 196

Break out board and M12 to DSUB cable for connecting power, digital I/O, trigger, direct-drive lighting and serial signals.

M12 to Pigtail cable (3m) 153131-03 Add Call

Pigtail option for connecting to third-party or custom power and I/O

M12 to 25-pin DSUB (3m) 152919-03 Add Call

Connect to Power & I/O Accessory. This cable is included with part number 781993-01

Desktop Power Supply, 24 VDC, 1.25 A, 100-240 VAC Input 782032-01 Add $ 108

24V power supply to connect to Power and I/O Accessory breakout box or custom accessory

M12 VGA and USB Connector

M12 to VGA/USB Splitter Cable (1m) 153064-01 Add Call

View inspection images and connect additional storage via USB


Computar M3520-MPV, Ultra Low Distortion, 35mm, F2.0,2/3 inch,3MP 782025-01 Add Call

This lens must be used without the lens cover that is included with the NI 1778.


Mounting Accessories

Pan and Tilt Mount for NI Smart Cameras 782509-01 Add Call

Tripod Adapter for NI 17XX Smart Camera 199173-01 Add $ 65

Panel Mount Kit for NI 17XX Smart Camera 199175-01 Add $ 42

Price: $ 8,244

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