NI 9502 Brushless Servo Drive Module

  • 4 A continuous/8 A peak current
  • Matched to AKM motors specifically designed for the NI 9502
  • Center-aligned PWM with space vector modulation and field-oriented control (FOC) for maximum torque
  • Customize drive functionality with the NI LabVIEW FPGA Module
  • Integrate custom I/O feedback from other NI C Series modules with LabVIEW FPGA
  • Configure Complete CompactRIO System
The NI 9502 is a one-axis C Series motor drive module capable of 4 A continuous, 8 A peak current output to drive three phase brushless servo motors (BLDC or BLAC PMSM). Motor control (traditionally fixed in drive firmware) is implemented on an NI CompactRIO chassis field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and is fully customizable in LabVIEW FPGA with LabVIEW NI SoftMotion Module motor control VIs.

The NI 9502 provides an alternative to expensive and time-consuming custom drive development or exposing proprietary IP to a drive vendor and paying for custom firmware. You can implement custom drive functionality directly on the CompactRIO chassis FPGA and connect each motor directly to an NI 9502, which eliminates large stand-alone motor drives and unwieldy cabling from multiaxis embedded motion systems.

The NI 9502 can operate in either trapezoidal or field-oriented control (FOC) commutation mode, and you can use it in any CompactRIO chassis, including EtherCAT, MXI-Express, and Ethernet expansion chassis. Hall sensors (5 V) and motor phases (24 V) must be independently powered, and external encoder feedback is required for most operation modes. (The NI 9411 is recommended for encoder feedback, which can also provide Hall sensor power. The NI PS-16 24 V supply is recommended for motor power.)

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NI 9502 + AKM Bundle

Bundle Contents

Price: $ 1,306

NI 9502 C Series Brushless Servo Drive Module

Select the number of 9502 drive modules in your system. Each NI 9502 module connects directly to a motor: no external drive needed. To supply the maxiumum current within the C Series form factor, the NI 9502 does not have built in I/O for encoders or limit switches. Separate modules for encoder and limit I/O are included in the bundle below.

Brushless Servo Drive Module 781282-01 Included in price

Encoder Feedback Module

Select the correct number of channels for encoder feedback. Each AKM has a quadrature encoder with 3 channels (A,B, and Index differential pairs). Since the NI 9411 has 6 channels, you can fit 2 axis per module if you need the index pulses. You can fit 3 axis per module if you do not need the index pulse.

NI 9411 6-Ch ±5-24 V, 1 MHz, Diff./SE DI Module 779005-01 Included in price

NI 9935 15pin D-Sub connector kit 779016-01 Included in price

NI AKM Brushless Servo Motors

Select the brushless servo motors to include with your system. NOTE: these motor have windings optimized for the NI 9502. As such, they are not compatible with the standard AKD brushless servo motor drive, nor are the standard AKM motors listed elsewhere on compatible with the NI 9502.

AKM11F-ANMN2-00 Brushless Servo Motor, 4057 RPM@24VDC, 0.128NM 781965-01 Add $ 620

AKM11E-ANMN2-00 Brushless Servo Motor, 2002 RPM@24VDC, 0.180NM 781965-02 Add $ 623

AKM21I-ANMN2-02 Brushless Servo Motor, 3270 RPM@24VDC, 0.197NM 781965-03 Add $ 670

AKM21G-ANMN2-00 Brushless Servo Motor, 1958 RPM@24VDC, 0.289NM 781965-04 Add $ 668

AKM21F-ANMN2-00 Brushless Servo Motor, 1300 RPM@24VDC, 0.354NM 781965-05 Add $ 670

AKM21E-ANMN2-00 Brushless Servo Motor, 721 RPM@24VDC, 0.447NM 781965-06 Add $ 668

NI 9502 to AKM Cable Bundle

This cable bundle contains both motor and power cables with direct connect plugs compatible with the NI AKM Molex connectors, as well as leads for encoder power, encoder connections, and motor phase connections on the module side.

Includes motor power and feedback cables 153108-03 Included in price

Power Supply

Select the power supply for your cRIO system and your motor. Best practice dictates keeping motor and controller power separate. Multiple motors can be connected to one supply, given the supply has enough current to drive all the motors connected.


The LabVIEW Real-Time, LabVIEW FPGA, and LabVIEW SoftMotion Modules Premium are required to operate the NI 9502, as drive firmware is implemented on the FPGA with motor control and commutation IP contained in the LabVIEW SoftMotion Module Premium.

Price: $ 1,306

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