NI 9234 Module with 1-slot NI CompactDAQ Chassis Accelerometer Measurement Device for USB, Ethernet, or WiFi

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  • Bundle includes measurement module and 1-slot NI CompactDAQ chassis
  • USB, Ethernet, and 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 51.2 kS/s per channel maximum sampling rate; ±5 V input
  • 24-bit resolution; 102 dB dynamic range; antialiasing filters
  • Software-selectable IEPE signal conditioning (0 or 2 mA)
  • Software-selectable AC/DC coupling; AC-coupled (0.5 Hz)
  • Configure Complete NI CompactDAQ System
The NI 9234 Measurement System measures 4 accelerometer/microphone channels at 51.2 kS/s with 24-bit resolution, sending data to a host PC over USB, Ethernet or 802.11 Wi-Fi.

Measurement Bundle Overview
The hardware for an NI CompactDAQ single measurement bundle consists of a USB, Ethernet, or 802.11 Wi-Fi chassis and one of the over 50 NI C Series measurement-specific modules. These small rugged bundles are ideal for portable or distributed measurements.

The chassis controls the timing for the module and handles communication with the PC over the USB, Ethernet, or 802.11 Wi-Fi bus. Additionally, all NI CompactDAQ chassis include four counter/timers that you can access through a digital I/O module like the NI 9401.

The NI 9234 is a 4-channel C Series dynamic signal acquisition module for making high-accuracy audio frequency measurements from integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) and non-IEPE sensors with NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO systems. The NI 9234 delivers 102 dB of dynamic range and incorporates software-selectable AC/DC coupling and IEPE signal conditioning for accelerometers and microphones. The four input channels simultaneously digitize signals at rates of up to 51.2 kHz per channel with built-in antialiasing filters that automatically adjust to your sampling rate.

Recommended Software
NI sound and vibration analysis software, such as the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and the NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit, provides signal processing functionality for performing audio measurements, fractional-octave analysis, frequency analysis, transient analysis, and order tracking. NI analysis software features NI Sound and Vibration Assistant interactive software for quickly acquiring, analyzing, and logging acoustic, noise, and vibration data. With a configuration-based, flexible measurement library and open-analysis capability, the Sound and Vibration Assistant is designed for quick data capture through a unique software-based measurement approach to create customized applications.

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IEPE Accelerometer/Microphone Measurement Device

Bundle Contents

Price: $ 2,103

Choose a communication method between your PC and module.

USB Option

NI cDAQ-9171, 1-Slot USB Chassis 781425-01 Included in price

Ethernet Option

NI cDAQ-9181, 1-Slot Ethernet Chassis 781496-01 Add $ 82

WI-FI Option

NI cDAQ-9191, 1-Slot WI-FI Chassis (U.S.) 781497-01 Add $ 108

NI cDAQ-9191, 1-Slot WI-FI Chassis (International) 781497-02 Add $ 108

Analog Input Module

NI 9234, 4 Input, 24-Bit, 51.2 kS/s, SW Selectable IEPE & AC/DC 779680-01 Included in price


Power Cord, AC, U.S., 120 VAC, 2.3 meters 763000-01 Add $ 9

Power Cord, 240V, 10A, North American 763068-01 Add $ 20


LabVIEW Full Development System, Windows, English, Include 1 Year SSP 776670-35 Add $ 2,999

Price: $ 2,103

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