NI Dynamic Structural Test System

  • Acquire strain, pressure, and load data with 102.4 kS/s/ch and 0.02 percent accuracy
  • Measure accelerometers and microphones with 204.8 kS/s/ch sample rates
  • Manage, visualize, and analyze large amounts of data collected during testing
The NI Dynamic Structural Test System includes the data acquisition hardware and software you need to get started with your aerodynamic, impact, modal, blast, or ballistics testing application.

You can choose from several options for your PXI chassis and controller depending on the size of your application and whether you need a controller to run a Windows OS or a real-time OS. NI offers several other chassis and controllers depending on your requirements.

The system also includes options for key PXI Express data acquisition modules, including the NI PXIe-4331 for high-speed bridge measurements, the NI PXIe-4498 for sound and vibration measurements, and the NI PXIe-4353 for thermocouple measurements. Each module requires a compatible accessory for sensor connectivity.

This system includes NI LabVIEW, options for the LabVIEW Real-Time Module, the NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit, and NI DIAdem. LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment with hundreds of built-in libraries for data acquisition, data management, analysis, and visualization. The LabVIEW Real-Time Module is an add-on to LabVIEW that features real-time OS software, so you can create reliable, stand-alone systems with the graphical programming approach. The Sound and Vibration Toolkit is a stand-alone configuration-based analysis and data-logging tool for microphone and accelerometer measurements. And DIAdem is another stand-alone tool that you can use to quickly locate, load, visualize, analyze, and report measurement data that is collected during acquisition and/or generated during simulations. DIAdem is recommended for applications with large amounts of data.

For more information about this service or to inquire about local availability, please contact your local NI representative.