NI PXIe-4140 4-Channel Source Measure Unit (SMU)

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  • 4 SMU channels per single-slot, 3U PXI Express module
  • ±10 V at ±100 mA output with 4-quadrant operation
  • 100 pA current measurement sensitivity
  • Continuous sampling of up to 600 kS/s
  • Onboard hardware sequencing engine for triggering and synchronization
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The NI PXIe-4140 is a high-channel-count, high-speed source measure unit (SMU) with four identical SMU channels per PXI Express slot. Each SMU offers 4-quadrant operation to source or sink ±10 V at ±100 mA, and each channel has integrated remote (4-wire) sensing for accurate measurements. To help reduce measurement times and capture transient device characteristics, each SMU can sample up to 600,000 S/s. Additionally, source measure rates of up to 15,000 S/s allow quick I-V characterization of devices under test.

For high-pin-count applications, you can load 17 NI PXIe-4140 modules in a single 19 in., 4U PXI chassis to provide a total of 68 SMU channels. A high-speed sequencing engine allows all of these SMUs to be synchronized with each other or with other instruments such as switches or high-speed digital test modules.

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Specifications Documents

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Specifications Summary

Product Family SMU/Power Supplies
Form Factor PXI Platform
PXI Bus Type PXI Express
Part Number 781742-01
Operating System/Target Real-Time , Windows
LabVIEW RT Support Yes
Triggering SoftwareTrigger , ExternalTrigger , InternalTrigger
External Clocking No
I/O Connector 25-pin D-Sub
Product Name NI PXIe-4140
Isolation Type Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
Analog Output
Channels 4
Resolution 18 bits
Timing Hardware
Update Rate 100 kS/s
Current Drive Single 100 mA
Current Drive All 400 mA
Max Voltage -10 V - 10 V
Maximum Voltage Range Accuracy 5 mV
Maximum Voltage Range Sensitivity 100 µV
Minimum Voltage Range -10 V - 10 V
Minimum Voltage Range Accuracy 5 mV
Min Voltage Range Sensitivity 100 µV
Max Current Range -100 mA - 100 mA
Maximum Current Range Accuracy 50 µA
Maximum Current Range Sensitivity 1 µA
Minimum Current Range -10 µA - 10 µA
Minimum Current Range Accuracy 5 nA
Min Current Range Sensitivity 100 pA
Waveform Types DC
Voltage and Current Readback Yes
Total Power Output 1 W
Output Quadrants Quadrant III , Quadrant II , Quadrant IV , Quadrant I
Max Quadrants Per Channel 4

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NI PXIe-4140 - 781742-01 Qty $ 5,011 each
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Connector Block
Qty $ 114 each
Qty $ 126 each
Qty $ 143 each

Package Price: $ 5,011

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