Reflective Memory Nodes for PXI

  • Deterministic data transfer for distributed real-time systems
  • Native NI VeriStand support for real-time testing applications
  • Transmit data with no processor overhead
  • Easily expand network by adding modules

A Reflective Memory network is a special type of shared memory system that enables multiple, separate controllers to share a common set of data. Data is stored locally on each controller, but the data is continuously synchronized across the Reflective Memory network. Reflective Memory nodes provide a high-speed, deterministic method of data transfer for distributed real-time systems. They use fiber-optic cable for communication, so latency across the network is very low.

Reflective Memory modules are PXI and PXI hybrid slot compatible, and they offer plug-and-play integration with NI VeriStand software for use in distributed real-time testing applications.