NI In-Vehicle CAN Data Logger System CAN Measurement, Analysis, and Data Synchronization

  • In-vehicle data logger system for logging high-speed or low-speed CAN traffic
  • Customizable logging functionality with LabVIEW
  • Traffic and measurement analysis and synchronization with DIAdem
  • Integrated support for importing .DBC and .NCD CAN database files for analysis
  • CAN data synchronization with other measurements, including video and GPS data
The NI In-Vehicle CAN Data Logger System is a complete, low-cost system for logging and analyzing controller area network (CAN) traffic from a CAN bus in an automobile. With CAN interfaces, customizable programming software, and data analysis software, the data logger system provides all of the tools necessary for properly communicating with a CAN bus and developing logging and analysis applications with data synchronizations.

The NI USB-8473 and USB-8472 modules are 1-port high-speed or low-speed CAN interfaces for connecting PCs to CAN networks and devices. These interfaces include the NI-CAN driver software, which provides a powerful, frame-based API for rapid application development. The USB-8473 and USB-8472 allow for logging data with 100 percent bus loads on the CAN bus with no dropped frames. The modules can easily connect to an automobile’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port using the CAN OBD-II cable.

You can write custom CAN data-logging applications with the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment. In addition, you can use LabVIEW to acquire other types of data measurements through additional hardware. Then, with NI DIAdem software, you can analyze and synchronize data. In addition, you can use DIAdem to import a CAN log file along with a CAN database file (.DBC or .NCD) and then synchronize the CAN data with other types of data acquired at the same time as the CAN traffic, including video and GPS data.

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In-Vehicle CAN Datalogger System

Bundle Contents

Price: $ 6,172

USB CAN Device

USB CAN Device Cables

USB CAN Breakout Box


Post-Processing, Analysis and Reporting Software

DIAdem Advanced, Perpetual License., Include 1 Year SSP 778807-35 Included in price

A fully interactive environment for loading, analyzing, interacting with and reporting on data. Easily convert CAN logfiles and visualize the measurements synchronized with data, video, maps and more.

Related Software Add-Ons

Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Toolkit 779890-35 Add $ 1,264

Enables KWP2000, UDS, and OBD-II support for communicating with production ECUs in automotive diagnostic applications.

ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit 779349-35 Add $ 2,526

Provides support for design and validation of ECUs using XCP or CCP communication.


In-Line Processing Software

LabVIEW Full Development System, English. Includes Standard Service for Software., Include 1 Year SSP 776670-35 Included in price

A graphical programming environment for acquiring, analyzing and presenting data. Features tight hardware integration, advanced analysis and custom user interface design.

Price: $ 6,172

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