NI 5751 16 Ch, 50 MS/s, 14-Bit Digitizer Adapter Module

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  • 16 simultaneously sampled 50 MS/s channels
  • 14-bit resolution
  • 2 Vpp, 50 Ω single-ended inputs with DC coupling
  • 8 general-purpose digital input and output lines for system stimulus and control
  • Well-suited for applications ranging from research to large-scale deployment
  • The NI 5751 requires an NI FlexRIO FPGA module. Check Resources tab for compatible modules
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Experiments and measurements in areas such as experimental physics, nondestructive test, and medical imaging can span across tens or hundreds of channels, requiring not only a system with high-channel density but also a way to retrieve and transfer the data and/or measurements of interest. The NI 5751 digitizer adapter module for NI FlexRIO provides the unique combination of high-channel density, scalability with PXI and PXI Express, and a fully programmable FPGA, which you can use for tasks such as custom triggering or inline signal processing. Eight digital inputs and outputs offer further benefits as system stimulus or control signals.

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Specifications Summary

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
NI 5751 Digitizer Adapter Module for NI FlexRIO
781356-01NI 5751 50 MS/s, 16 Channel, Digitizer Module for NI FlexRIO5 - 10$ 4,599.00
Accessories and NI FlexRIO FPGA Modules
781207-01NI PXIe-7965R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX95T, 512MB RAM)5 - 10$ 9,946.00
781206-01NI PXIe-7962R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX50T, 512MB RAM)5 - 10$ 7,010.00
781205-01NI PXIe-7961R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 SX50T)5 - 10$ 4,800.00
780563-01NI PXI-7954R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX110, 128MB RAM)12 - 20$ 7,916.00
780562-01NI PXI-7953R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX85, 128MB RAM)5 - 10$ 6,442.00
780561-01NI PXI-7952R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX50, 128MB RAM)5 - 10$ 4,750.00
780560-01NI PXI-7951R NI FlexRIO FPGA Module (Virtex-5 LX30)5 - 10$ 3,198.00
781518-01SMB-2147 16-Channel Analog Input Accessory12 - 20$ 683.00
781519-01SMB-2148 8-Ch Input, 8-Ch Output Digital I/O Accessory12 - 20$ 683.00
196275-01SHC68-C68-D4 Shielded Single-Ended Cable, 1 m5 - 10$ 349.00

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