Communication Protocol Drivers

  • Software drivers and tools for connecting to industrial networks and specialty protocols
  • Easy programming with NI LabVIEW graphical environment
  • Deployment onto NI real-time controllers such as CompactRIO and PXI
  • Ready-to-use example programs

Whether you are communicating with devices such as process instruments, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), smart sensors, and single-loop controllers, or performing instrument control from your PC, National Instruments offers a variety of reliable and easy-to-use hardware and software tools to help you meet all your communication needs.

These industrial protocol drivers contain a set of NI LabVIEW functions and associated examples, helping you establish communication with your network of choice in far less time than using low-level calls or manually creating your own compatible driver. Additional hardware interfaces are not necessary, since these protocols take advantage of the native ports on your host computer and/or NI real-time controller.

After installing the protocol driver onto the LabVIEW target, browse through example programs covering everything from analysis and presentation to using your communications driver. Example code in LabVIEW is ready to run, so you can use it as is for simple applications. For more complex applications, you can modify and extend the examples by adding new code or copying parts of several examples to create an application.