NI LabVIEW Unit Test Framework Toolkit Perform Requirements-Based Validation and Unit Testing

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  • Create test frameworks to functionally validate VIs
  • Automate regression testing to identify changes that impact behavior
  • Generate HTML, XML (ATML), or ASCII reports
  • Identify and locate untested code using the code coverage metric
  • Configure suites of tests for VI hierarchy or run tests programmatically
  • Available for Windows and real-time OSs
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The NI LabVIEW Unit Test Framework Toolkit helps you automate LabVIEW VI unit testing to perform functional validation and demonstrate that an application behaves properly. Right-click on any VI in the LabVIEW Project Explorer to generate a unit test, or import test parameters from a text document created in an editor such as Microsoft Excel. Tests can encompass multiple test cases, which define input values and the expected output for any data type, including arrays and clusters.

The resulting dialog identifies the source of incorrect outputs and reports the percentage of code that was exercised during testing to track code coverage. The included reporting functionality can automatically generate validation documents in HTML, ATML/XML, or ASCII formats, which are valuable for documenting that an application meets requirements and behaves within defined parameters. You also can integrate this toolkit with NI Requirements Gateway for automated tracking of test requirements coverage.

Advanced test configuration is possible with setup and teardown VIs. These are useful when the VI under test needs to be in a particular state or when it requires a large amount of complex data. You can also define custom tests that are called from the framework and included in the generated reports. Use this toolkit to install a palette for programmatic control of tests.
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