VNA Calibration and Verification Kits

  • Manual K- and N-type kits
  • Automatic K-type calibration module
  • Verification kit (NIST traceable)
  • 50 Ω impedance
Manual calibration kits in both K- and N-type connector options and an automatic calibration module kit for K-type connectors contain the components and tools you need to calibrate the NI PXIe-5630 vector network analyzer. Phase-equal insertable adapters are included for calibrating male and female test ports. A NIST-traceable verification kit is also available.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
781587-01Manual VNA Calibration Kit, K-TypeCall$ 5,193.00
781588-01Manual VNA Calibration Kit, N-TypeCall$ 4,830.00
781590-01VNA Verification Kit (NIST Traceable)Call$ 8,576.00
781591-01Broadband Combination Open/Short/Load, K-Type, MaleCall$ 1,233.00
781592-01Broadband Combination Open/Short/Load, K-Type, FemaleCall$ 1,357.00
781593-01Broadband Combination Open/Short/Load, N-Type, MaleCall$ 678.00
781594-01Broadband Combination Open/Short/Load, N-Type, FemaleCall$ 738.00
782364-01Automatic VNA Calibration Kit, K-Type, Male-Female, 70 KHz-9 GHzCall$ 10,025.00
782364-02Automatic VNA Calibration Kit, K-Type, Male-Male, 70 KHz - 9 GHzCall$ 10,025.00
782364-03Automatic VNA Calibration Kit, K-Type, Female-Female,70 KHz-9 GHzCall$ 10,025.00

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